Sideshow is a gallery, retail pop-up
shop, a hang-out space, and also runs
a community darkroom.

We show two and three dimensional works and sell new and used items sourced from near and far. We aim to represent artists and makers that sometimes fall outside of the mainstream while also showcasing objects and ideas from our local cultural and historical milieu. As a part of the Harmons family business, Sideshow also features works created by the family’s generations of photographers.

Sideshow community darkroom was previously known as Pinhole Darkroom.


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Spring Show – April 2nd and May 31st, 2020

Or Was That a Dream?

Artist: Imogene Broberg-Hull
Selected photographs from a scrapbook of memories that never happened.

Sideshow gallery presents Imogene Broberg-Hull’s Or Was That a Dream? As Sideshow gallery and darkroom’s current artist in residence, Broberg-Hull presents work made over the course of the residency. The show is comprised of selected photographs from a scrapbook of memories that never happened.

Imogene Broberg-Hull is a self-taught artist with a life-long practice. She is currently working for the town of Banff in the town planning department. While Broberg-Hull has multi-disciplinary experience teaching painting, sculpture and facilitating community-based public art, she is currently working with experimental black and white film photography and darkroom printing. Having learned darkroom printing a few years ago from a dear group of old men in Halifax, NS she has been completely obsessed since. Her work explores themes of surrealism, time, memory, grief, childhood, bodies/nature, and sometimes birds.

Summer Show – June 4th, 2020 to August 31st, 2020

Glaciers and Peaks: A Moment in Time

Artist: Marcos Molina

Presented by Sideshow Gallery, Banff fine artist Marcos Molina’s new solo show Glaciers and Peaks: A Moment in Time, takes you on a journey through cascading rivers of ice, dramatic ice cliffs, and the high mountain summits of the Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains of Western Canada. In our current era of climate change, our glaciers are changing before our eyes. Through this exhibition, Molina hopes to capture a moment in time in the life of our glaciers, and by showing their majestic beauty through his paintings, inspire our community to protect these world treasures.

Every Marcos Molina painting begins with an adventure. Constantly exploring Western Canada’s mountains on foot or on skis, Molina is always looking to capture the most dramatic landscapes with his camera. Using the stills he captures in the field as reference, Molina then sketches various compositions before beginning the meticulous process of bringing the scenes